11th August 2017

Bon Jovi - It’s My Life

26th July 2017

LINKIN PARK - Final Masquerade - Tribute

28th June 2017

Muse ‘Resistance’ on Fretless and Fretted Bass!  Had so much fun rocking out to this one!

31st May 2017

New video!  ‘Where Is My Mind’ by Pixies, from the film, Fight Club.

10th May 2017

New video!  Beyonce’s ‘Halo’, dedicated to my girlfriend, Katie. 

9th May 2017

Beyonce promo

27th February 2017

New video!!!  Ed Sheeran ‘Castle on the Hill'

19th February 2017

13th February 2017

I’m excited to be featured in bestselling author Mark Schaefer’s new book, KNOWN.  Mark has written a number of highly successful marketing books on succeeding in the digital age and his latest is for anyone looking to activate their own brand.  Click the below link to check out the trailer, and here’s his website.  

5th January 2017

Exciting news!  I’ve been interviewed for Groove - an unedited podcast delving into my little solo bass world.  It was super fun talking to host Mitch Joel about all things bass and all things YouTube.  Groove is awesome - they’ve also featured Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, Robert Trujillo (Metallica) and many other amazing bassists, so this is quite a big honour for me.  Link below!

21st November 2016

NEW VIDEO: Harry Potter Medley!  Please share if you think friends and family will like it!

30th October 2016

As requested by you guys, here’s THE LAST OF US, on fretless!

19th September 2016


16th September 2016

15th September 2016

50K subscribers!  I feel so lucky to have such awesome supporters and want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who supports my music.  Watching, liking, commenting, sharing - it all means loads to me.  Thanks for the encouragement, motivation and inspiration!

50K subscribers

12th September 2016

Very happy to be included in this insightful blog by marketing guru and best-selling author, Mark Schaefer

5th September 2016

Coming soon!!!

16th August 2016

Coldplay collaboration w/ two talented ladies. Check it out!

9th August 2016

Coming soon, playing all 3 of my basses and featuring my girlfriend Katie (vocals, piano) and her sister Jess (vocals, violin).  Really happy to finally be doing a Coldplay song!

20th July 2016

NEW VIDEO: Skyrim - The Elder Scrolls V

19th July 2016

6th July 2016

Skyrim theme - coming soon!


5th July 2016

Happy to have my Lord of the Rings Medley featured on the SpiderCapo website!

7th June 2016

The Last of the Mohicans theme!

2nd June 2016

Recording Last of the Mohicans 

16th May 2016

When it comes to being creative, do you have to do it a certain way?  Join the discussion some folks are having about how to approach the bass guitar (link below)

11th May 2016


5th May 2016

the solo bass of the mohicans


May the 4th be with you! 

29th April 2016

Art heals.  Dream and create this weekend.  


24th April 2016

1M views on Game of Thrones - thanks a lot guys!

20th April 2016

Half a million Facebook views on this one!  Can we get it to a million?  Share if you like it - click the link below.  Thanks guys!

18th April 2016

Game of Thrones meets Solo Bass!

12th April 2016

10th April 2016

fire and bass

7th April 2016

solo bass is coming

29th March 2016

100K views on my Hallelujah arrangement - thanks guys!  I’ve always thought this song was great - just a simple, gorgeous melody. 

28th March 2016

Big sis and I are very serious musicians!

22nd March 2016

4 stringing some Stairway on Instagram

8th March 2016

Love & Music

love and music by naves

25th February 2016


Check it out below, or on my YouTube or Facebook page.  Share if you like it!

7th February 2016

Jamming on a 6-string.  

25th January 2016

Practicing harmonics & percussion on Instagram. Check it out & follow for more!

19th January 2016

Hear my new fretless bass on Instagram.  Follow for regular updates!

9th January 2016

Is there a specific way an instrument should be played?  A debate on this topic is forming in the comments section of my and Miki Santamaria’s ‘Eleanor Rigby’ (The Beatles) arrangement.  Contribute to the conversation at the below link :)

1st January 2016

2015 Recap - A Year of Firsts!

Last year was an exciting one for me, and as the title reads, I had a lot of really fun, new musical experiences.  Collaborations, filming outside, a video with over 1M views… check out the montage below to see them in full.  I also want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my music.  You guys are awesome, and your encouragement is hugely appreciated!  Lots more exciting music to come in 2016.  Stay tuned for my first video of the year!

28th December 2015

100K views on my Braveheart video - thanks, guys!  It’s such a beautiful soundtrack and possibly my favourite movie theme.  The tuning for this one is B, Eb, Db, Gb.  

22nd December 2015

I have two 'Skype Lesson +Weekly Feedback' packages left on Patreon, as well as the popular Video Tutorials package.  Click the link below to check them out!

19th December 2015

6M views & 100K shares on my Star Wars Medley!

6mil part 3

15th December 2015


A huge thanks to Adam @BassPlayersUnited for sharing my Star Wars Medley around.  It’s now on 750,000 views!  Thanks everyone for your awesome support!


14th December 2015


IT’S HERE! I’m such a massive fan of the series and always used to have pretend lightsaber battles when I was growing up (and after growing up!).  I’m using an Ebow, Spider Capo and I loop one section for texture; the tuning is G, Eb/D, D, G.  Hope you like it - please share it around if you do!

11th December 2015

Star Wars solo bass medley.  Making the jump to light speed this Monday at 7pm London time!

Zander Zon star wars promo image

9th December 2015

star wars poster

30th November 2015

100,000 views on my Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’ cover - thanks everyone for sharing this one around! 

23rd November 2015

I had so much fun collaborating with Josh Cohen on this video.  He’s an amazing six-string bassist with unreal two-hand tapping skills.  It’s also the first video that I recorded outdoors.  We like the outdoor vibe and hope you guys do too!  Let us know what you think of the arrangement, and the combination of the two bass tones.  

22nd November 2015

17th November 2015

21st October 2015

Here is my first ever bass collaboration!  It’s with the AMAZING Miki Santamaria.  Really hope you guys enjoy it - let me know!  And if you like it, please share to spread the word!

14th October 2015

miki santamaria poster

24th September 2015

I only met Michael Manring once, back in 2010 - but I’ll never forget it.  


31st August 2015

Released two years ago this month, here’s Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ - approaching half a million views on YouTube with this one!

24th August 2015

I’m very proud to be part of this EPIC project, which includes 29 amazing bass players from around the world, playing all types of styles!  Check it out!

20th August 2015

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!

yt channel image

5th August 2015

Feeling extremely grateful to have 50 patrons!

30th July 2015

New video!  Hope you guys like it.  Thanks for watching and sharing!

28th July 2015

Ready to Release ‘Everything I Do’ very soon, as just finished recording.  I’m thinking Thursday at around 5:30pm BST - stay tuned!


24th July 2015

New video coming next week.  Taking it back to the early 90s with this one!


20th July 2015

Just mailed these to a 'Producer Level' supporter in Germany - it feels good to give something back to someone who's supporting me so generously.

IMG 0299

Check out my Patreon link below if you want to support my music, and are interested in video tutorials, Skype lessons and more!

June 20th 2015

My first Acoustic Bass video has arrived - Imagine Dragons ‘Demons’ (also with Electric Cello, Ebow and Loopers).  Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to like, comment, share, favourite! 

June 5th 2015

My new Acoustic Bass was made by luthier Chris Larkin, who is based in Ireland.  It has a scratchpad and a K&K Quantum Trinity pickup/mic system which captures the percussive acoustics of the body fantastically.  Can’t wait to share some new music with you guys!  Here are some photos if you want to see how it was made. 

IMG 0176
IMG 0195

June 3rd 2015

Imagine Dragons shared this video a couple years ago; I have a new Imagine Dragons cover coming soon so stay posted! 

May 26th 2015

Just passed 300K views on my Lord of the Rings medley after uploading it one year ago today!  Thanks to everyone for supporting with likes, shares, comments and favourites - it means loads to me!  [And the best comment is still:’One instrument to rule them all!’!]   

May 25th 2015

I’m thinking of doing another electric cello / bass duet for my next video (maybe another Imagine Dragons tune!).  Absolutely love the sound of this instrument - gorgeous tones!  

IMG 0814 bw

May 24th 2015

Have you heard about the bass tutorials I’m offering on Patreon?  It’s a great way to learn solo bass tunes and techniques, as well as play a big role in supporting what I do.  Check out this exert from one of my latest tutorials to see what the tutorials look like!  


My first ever collaboration video is out now!  I’m joined by the newly formed singing duo, KJC, and we’re performing ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline.  Like, comment, share, favourite!  (April 2015)


Recording set-up for my new video, which will be a collaboration with two other artists.  Coming soon! (April 2015)

twitter recording setup


2014 was a great year. I was honored to be selected the #7 Reader Favourite on the massive bass website NoTreble (Victor Wooten was 4th and Jaco 1st so it was awesome to be in such company).  I also had a video that was one of the 10 most popular videos of the year on the site.  NoTreble and its fans have always been amazing supporters of my music - many thanks to them and everyone who supports what I do! (Feb 2015)

2014 bass videos top ten


New video!  I loved these films and their soundtracks growing up.  Did I do the films justice?   Let me know!  (December 2014)


My recent Patreon ‘Behind the Scenes’ video focused on post-production for videos.  If you’re interested in finding out more, and would like to do something extra to support my music, then please click below!  (November 2014)

patreon video still


Dubstep Solo Bass: Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’!  (October 2014)



I now have 30 patrons, which I’m very grateful for!  If you’re interested in doing more to support my videos - and like the sound of bass tutorials, your name in my videos and an insight into how I create my music - then please check out my Patreon page!  (October 2014)


NEW VIDEO! One-handed solo bass tune with loopers, pedals and filmed on my GoPro!   (August 2014)


You can get some pretty cool angles out of GoPros  (August 2014)

new single handed cover


I’ve injured my hand - it’s some bad RSI unfortunately.  Out for a few months potentially… very difficult.  (July 2014)



New video!  'Let it Go' from the Academy Award winning Frozen soundtrack!  (June 2014)


Have you checked out Patreon yet? Help support my music by becoming a Patron, and get all sorts of cool things in return!  (June 2014)


'Lord of the Rings' medley, with a Spider Capo, an Ebow, and an exciting announcement at the end! (May 2014)


PATREON: Video bass tutorials, Skype lessons, 'Behind the scenes' footage and more!  (May 2014)


Click below to follow me on Twitter! (April 2014)


'Braveheart' Theme

My newest video is an arrangement of the theme from 'Braveheart'.  This was one of my favourite films in the 90s and I always thought the music was really beautiful.  Hope you like it!  (April 2014)


Last month, my NIN 'Hurt' cover was the most viewed video on No Treble! I'm really happy that this arrangement has gone down well with people - thanks for the support.  There's some great videos on the top ten list - check them out by clicking the below link. (April 2014)       


This week, my Nine Inch Nails 'Hurt' cover was the most watched video & most discussed article on the AWESOME bass website No Treble! Thanks to everyone who's checked out this arrangement! (March 2014)


Here's an interview I did for Smart Bass Guitar online magazine - check it out! (March 2014)


"Man Falls in Love With a Bass, Takes its Name in Matrimony."

Thanks to Gear Gods for sharing my Nine Inch Nails 'Hurt' arrangement, and also for a pretty funny article about how I 'married my bass'. (March 2014)


New video: Nine Inch Nails 'Hurt'

I asked the friendly folks on Facebook which video they'd like to see me cover next and this one received the most votes.  Hope you like it!  (February 2014)


3 Million YouTube Views (February 2014)

So my girlfriend just told me that I now have over 3 million YouTube views, which is really humbling.  I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supports my music and an extra special thank you to the people who have supported me since I first started releasing material in 2008.  Bottom line for me: views are nice, CD sales are nice, but what I am most grateful for is having you guys.  Having an audience. That is the thing which I'll always cherish the most!


My arrangement of Imagine Dragons' 'Radioactive' was included in the 'Top Ten Videos of 2013' on the awesome bass website,  Thank you to NoTreble for supporting my music over the years!    (January 2014)


I recently reached 10,000 'likes' on Facebook - a pretty cool milestone!  I'm so grateful for the people who support my music; it's a huge part of what motivates me to keep making music.  Many thanks to everyone who is part of my solo bass journey!  (December 2013)


Here's my brand new 'Hallelujah' arrangement. I've been working on a new arrangement of this tune for a while and I thought this would be a good one to re-release at this time of year. I really hope you guys enjoy it and thank you all for such wonderful support throughout 2013! (December 2013)


New video up today: 'Kinetic', which is off of 'Saturn Return'.  Hope you enjoy it!  (November 2013)


Many thanks to the massive Facebook community, Interesting Things, for sharing my composition, Constellation!  I'm feeling pretty lucky at the moment that I'm able to share my little bass creations with the world. A heartfelt thanks to everyone for the amazing support.  (October 2013)


Electric Cello & Bass duet of my tune 'Constellation'! 

(Released via my own YouTube channel; October 2013) 


New Video via Bass The World!

It's an Electric Cello and Bass duet of my composition, 'Constellation', which is off of my new album 'Saturn Return'. I'm proud to say that this video was released via the awesome online bass community, 'Constellation' was originally a solo tune; but since I really liked the combination of bass and electric cello (which I also used on 'A Whisper in Time'), I couldn't resist turning 'Constellation' into a duet. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, and many thanks for watching!  (October 2013)



Tabs for my covers of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' and Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven' are now available as free Bonus Content at Bassline Publishing!  Just take 30 seconds to create a username/password on the website and you'll have complete access to them. Please note: though my 'Tears in Heaven' arrangement is not tuned E, A, D, G, it is still tuned in standard fourths, so the arrangement can essentially be thought of as in standard tuning.  Therefore, you can read the tabs without altering anything on your bass.   (Sept 2013)



New Tabs!

Tabs for my solo arrangements of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' and Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven' will soon be available as Bonus Content on Bassline Publishing!  Stay tuned for details.  (September 2013) 



Updating 'Latest News':

In the context of what I do music-wise, August has been a great month for me.  I've never had a video reach 100,000 views in one week before (in fact, my videos rarely ever reach 100,000 views!), and in August, crazily, it happened twice!  It makes me so happy to know people are enjoying these solo bass arrangements, and I've tried to update this section of my website over the past couple weeks to try to include some of the nice things that have happened recently.  Many thanks again to everyone who is supporting what I do!

(August 2013) 


Recently, I received a message from a supporter who told me my Adele video is on the front page of the popular Mexican news site, Expreso Querétaro, this just after finding out it was shared on the famous French website, Spi0n!  So at the moment I'm feeling really lucky to live in this digital age where you can share your music with people around the world, and I'm extremely grateful that people from different countries are enjoying my 'Someone Like You' arrangement  :-)    (August 2013)



I'm very appreciative for all the amazing support I've received on Reddit this month - thanks, guys! (Though, after being exposed to the awesomeness of all the subreddits, I'm not getting much work done: as other Redditors of course know, it's addictive!)   (August 2013)